Honda Z50A K2 Mini Trail (1970-1971)

GTM Powersport - Honda Z50A-K2

Honda Z50A-K2 (1970 - 1971)

The K2 were basically the same as the K0-K1, but sor some changes to the fuel tank emblems, control levers and extended rear fender were replaced the short tail on Z50A-K1 in 1970 named K2 "Long Tail". However, after frame cracking became a growing issue in 1972. Honda UK stopped importing Monkey, so this model marked the end of line for the Monkey Bike in UK & Japan in 1973.

Sell Date: 1970-1971          Release Date: 07 Jan 1970          Product Code: 045
Vin #: Z50A-270236~387884 (USA)          Engine #: Z50AE-270236~
Vin #: Z50A-290379~292258 (Belgium)
Vin #: Z50A-292259~298503 (England)
Vin #: Z50A-298504~350830 (General Export)
Vin #: Z50A-350831~382789 (Germany)
Vin #: Z50A-382790~398417 (Australia)
Vin #: Z50A-398418~399999 (France)
Fuel Tank Colour (Top/Bottom): Candy Ruby Red / White,     Candy Sapphire Blue / White,     Mexican Yellow / White
  • "MINI TRAIL" Fuel Tank Emblem is Red & Black
  • Black Colour Grips & Silver Aluminum Lever (From K2 to 1978)
  • Extended Rear Fender
  • 49cc OHC Single Cylinder Engine
  • 3 Speed Automatics Clutch Transmission
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